Tips for shy dogs to become more friendly and social

Have you ever seen your dog hiding behind you at the park or when someone visits your home? Does he bark on seeing new people at home? If yes, then it’s a difficult challenge. This is shyness and timidity which develop as the young dog matures. The root of this problem is lack of proper introduction to different people, animal’s places and things. Even emotional trauma, physical abuse or not getting enough social interaction leads to this.

Below are few tips on how to introduce dogs to new people or other dogs:

  1. Confine your dog to a separate room until everyone has settled in: Keep your dog confined until everyone is settled and sat down.

  2. Let your dog make the first move: Never allow any person to approach and talk to your dog first until your pet makes first move to signal whether this type of contact is acceptable.

  3. Ask the new person to give a treat to your dog: Without making any eye contact with your dog, the new person should hold out the treats and by this new person has to stand sideways in crouching position.

  4. Do not reward your Dog if he shows Shyness or fear: You can’t reward this, you will only be involved to delay his progress and increase the likelihood that he will continue to engage as a form of unwanted behavior.

  5. Be patient: If your dog’s find an offered treat to be desirable, he will ultimately feel confident enough to approach that but it may take a while so never rush for this process as they can hamper the feelings and start in the calm and neutral environment.

  6. Use a familiar and well-behaved dog: Start by introducing your dog to a confident and well-socialized dog.

  7. Go Slowly: When making a final introduction, make sure that both the dogs are properly leashed. Keep some distance between them and reward your dog for behaving nicely at all.

  8. Use plenty of Positive Reinforcement: Whenever during this introduction process, your dog display confident behavior, reward your dog.

  9. Never use tight dog leashes or pull the dog apart: This can cause a negative reaction in them.

  10. Repeat the process as many time needed: This makes him feel true and confident about other dogs.

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