Tips to keep Dog’s skin and Fur healthy

Dogs are a pleasure to pet, especially when blessed with healthy skin and lustrous fur. And to keep your pup’s fluffy coat shiny and soft it’s extremely important to have a check on his health and life. Even if your dog is not having any skin issues, check out these tips to ensure that you are doing what’s best for the pup’s coat:

  • Feed your dog with the quality food

For the dog’s coat to be healthy and glossy, you need to give him the right food with proper nutrients. Improper balance diet with low food quality can cause lack of nutrients in your dog and this reflects overcoat and can lead to dull and brittle hair or fur. Add a teaspoon of vegetable, sunflower, olive or flax seed oil to your pup’s food.

  • Bring on the Omega-3 and Omega-6

These both are fatty acids are aid with skin disorders are vital to keeping pup’s skin coat nice and shiny. Flax seed oil or fish oil are great sources for Omega-3. These oils must be fresh to work and take around 6 weeks to reflect on dog’s skin.

  • Give them High-Grade Treats

Nourish them with amazing regards and foods as little rewards for the duration of the day that have regular, sound fixings and supplements and will influence canine's hair to look reflexive and gleaming. Ensure that the sustenance and treats you are giving them are of good names and have best fixings.

  • Feed your Dog Herbal Supplements

You can even give your dog herbal supplements such as horsetail and spirulina which is high in silica and helps to maintain a healthy coat, skin, and bones. Spirulina has plenty of Vitamin-B and protein. If you are looking to start feeding your dog herbal supplements, you can consult our veterinarian on our website to get to know the correct dosage.

  • Brush regularly

You ought to brush your puppy's hair all the time to expand the creation of skin oils and to evacuate the dead skin, for invigorating the skin and coat and advances hair follicles development.

  • Bath your Dog

Make sure to bath your dog at least once a month, but ideally once a week. Use a moisturizing shampoo and organic conditioner to prevent skin irritation. Products having vitamin-E will be soothing for dog’s skin and even massage with Coconut oil.

In case of any further issues and clarification, you can send your feedback, questions or queries on our website for pet-care to have a complete grasp.

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