Amazing Dog Hacks for Everyday Use

Being a dog parent can be as challenging as it is fulfilling. Love your pup but sometimes feels like having a dog is too much work? These brilliant easy dog hacks will make your life so much easier!

Baking Soda for Pet Urine

If your carpet has a funny smell due to dog pees, baking soda might be just the right solution. How? Mix it and white vinegar in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray mixture on the stained area. Blot up the cleaning solution along with the stain.

Kiddie Pool to keep your dog busy

Keep your furry friend cool and entertained with their own kiddie pool. Plus, it is great for pet parents who want to make bath time less messy. Just place them into the kiddie pool and lather up!

Use Dog Toothpaste on a Rope Toy

Rubber chew toys and doggie chew ropes are some of the easy ways to clean your Pooch teeth naturally without brushing. Put some canine toothpaste on the toy and let them do the instant brushing.

Put your dog's bowls in a bottom drawer to save space

To hide pet and food and water bowls and save floor space, put them in the bottom drawer of a cabinet. Always keep in mind that if you do this trick, make sure to provide your pet additional water source that is accessible when the drawer is closed.

Rub Vaseline onto your dog's paws before stepping outside

Yes, your dog's feet are made for walking, but did you know that those little paws are also designed for protecting? Before going out, you may wish to apply Vaseline to your pet's paws before each walk or make sure your dog wears doggie booties.

Pooch eating too fast? Use a ball!

If your dog is a fast eater or overweight, it is well worth trying to slow down the speed at which he eats. Simply place a ball in the middle of his food bowl so he has to eat around.

Have you used these hacks before? Or do you know more that we can add to the list? Share it with us!

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