6 Tips to get your Doggie looking at the camera for a Perfect Selfie

So, how are you going to get a great shot while your dog finds selfie annoying? Here are some tips to make the tasks a little bit easier.

Make it fast.

Being fast is the key, because dogs don’t have a lot of patience for retakes. Open your camera app quick before you get into position with your dog and be ready to click.

Give them rewards.

Most dogs tend to be reward-driven, so catching their eye with a toy or a treat will get them looking into a certain direction for a moment. You can also use props. Do peanut butter shots for more fun. Here's how: Put a small amount of peanut butter or jelly on side of your face, neck or maybe camera lens. Let your doggy lick it off and shoot a photo. You'll never go wrong with this trick.

Catch them being themselves.

Whenever you spot your pup being naturally adorable and photogenic on their own, don’t miss the opportunity to snap a photo. If they’re on a perfect post, capture it before it’s too late!

Get creative with your #dogselfies

There are so many ways and possibilities to be creative in taking a selfie with your pooch. You can add filters or do double exposures. You can always play around with your phone tools to get that perfect selfie.

Don’t use Flash

Do not rely on the flash of your camera for lighting the photo. If you want to focus on the dog coat, all the colors in it and the details of his face, then make sure the light source like the sun is facing them or even coming in at an angle but to their front. If you want a silhouetted picture of your dog, face the light behind them.

Pose with your dog instead them posing with you

If your dog is sitting, sit next to him. If he’s lying on the couch, lean down to his level. It’s a lot easier to change your position than trying to force them to change theirs.

Have a good time with your selfie adventures with your best buddy and remember that the most natural looking photos or candid shots are usually considered to be the best. Want to learn more dog trips and tricks? Check out our blog for at https://www.mrlicks-pets.com/blog

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