Take Your Dog to Work Day Around the World

The Take Your Dog to Work Day was an inception of the Pet Sitters International and was first held in 1999 with over 300 companies participating in the country. This coming June 22nd will be the event’s 20th anniversary, with many milestones throughout its two-decade run. One being its transformation from being a national celebration to a global event.

Seeing its many potentials, positive benefits (And seriously guys, who doesn’t want dogs in the workplace?), various countries hopped into the fur-littered bandwagon and began holding their own Take Your Dog to Work Days with a touch of their own quirkiness and local flavor. Here’s how a few nations are taking their pooches to the office.


The Great White North is a bastion of politeness (yes guys, we’ve heard of the stereotypes), so it is no great surprise that they are actually laying down guidelines there on how to properly introduce your tyke to your coworkers and their respective pets. These steps include:

1. Both coworkers should begin with their dogs in a sitting position

2. You and your coworker should greet each other first so both your dogs will know that your presence does not mean harm and therefore be comfortable.

3. Loosen your dog's leash as a permission to say hello (a tight leash can cause aggressive behavior).

It's impressive that Canadians are laying down this protocol for proper dog introductions while the rest of us will only give awkward smiles to our coworkers.


While the blokes from Down Under are very laid back people, their emphasis on health and safety are never. Australia makes sure all pets in the country are registered and are being administered with microchips (this comes handy in case some mutt slips away and decided to raid the cafeteria bacon). Companies also require that the pooches have completed their vaccinations and wears ID tags before they can enter office premises.


The Japanese have an affinity to cats (this is no surprise, as their most famous icon is a mouthless cat), that they put their own spin in this international event and supplanted pooches with kitties. And for come company, the practice is all year round. A notable Tokyo IT firm is doing this, having recognized cats' abilities to reduce office stress, create a less aggressive office environment, and randomly walk on keyboards in the middle of beating the deadlines. Good work Japan, but we'll stick with dogs.

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