To Bring or Not to Bring: The Pros and Cons of Bringing Dogs to Work

Dogs are man’s best friend – for what reason?

Dogs are popularly known as man’s best friend for a bundle of reasons. In fact, we can learn so much from the dog’s demeanor, behavior, personality and especially, their willingness to provide unconditional love and loyalty to their family members up until their last breath.

Imagine you have a dog. You come home after a day’s work and you will be greeted happily by your dog. Your dog will never judge you with how you dressed or if you had a bad day at work. It won’t matter what situation you are in because your dog will be very happy to see you and that enthusiasm will continue each and every day.

However, in some cases, there are people bringing their pets to work. There is an increasing number of pet-friendly workplaces these days. In fact, huge corporations like Amazon, Google, Etsy, Ben & Jerry’s are just a few of the many companies who are allowing their employees to enjoy the company of their pets while at work.

What do people have to say when they bring their pets to work?

Along with the benefits associated with bringing pets to work, the act is also open to things like interpersonal and legal issues. Here are some things that you need to know.

The Pros

  • It helps relieve stress – bringing pets at work help promote comfortability as it reduces stress and makes employees more relaxed. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, employees who have brought their dogs to work have decreased hormonal stress levels.

  • Promotes positive interaction – a workplace that’s pet-friendly increases the satisfaction of employees and helps improve their morale.

  • Improves the image of the company – allowing pets in workplaces can help boost the customer’s perception towards your business.

  • Increases Employee Performance – employees who are allowed to take their dogs at work have fewer absences and enjoys longer hours of work.

The Cons

  • Potential Source of Distraction – generally, pets might become a great distraction to your coworkers as well as the owner.

Is it recommended to bring your pets to work?

If your company permits bringing pets at work, then it’s a big YES. By the number of benefits and the big companies adapting to this kind of work environment definitely proves that there’s nothing wrong if you bring your pets to work. You may also want to style them when you bring them to work by using dog matching set.

In most cases, when a company allows pets to be brought in the office, a “pet policy” needs to be drafted by the employer. This policy may include consequences once your pet misbehaves in the workplace, types of pets allowed in the office or the number of days that you are allowed to bring your pets.

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