Why Your Company Should Have A Take Your Dog To Work Day

Weekends are the best. They let you relax in peace, ignore your snooze button, and be with your dog the for two whole days, until Monday hits again like a sucker punch and you have to leave your buddy for work again. The good folks at Pet Sitters International thought of this in 1999 and suggested “Companies should allow us to bring our pets to work at least once a year!” and thus the Take Your Dog to Work Day was born, to the collective joy of the employees around the world (and the sigh of the office vacuum cleaner operators).

This practice is being held for two decades already. However, there are still many companies which are not on board with this idea yet. In here we intend to mention four reasons why your companies should adopt this practice that create positive impact on the employees’ performance keeping them committed to the company’s success.

It reduces stress

Stress is the rust that eats on the machine of productivity, and pets stop this on its track. A 2012 study conducted by International Journal of Workplace Health Management discovered that people who brought their dogs to work had decreased hormonal stress levels. Increased staff productivity means more work done, more deadlines met, and more projects accomplished. These all lead to more pleasant annual financial reports.

It decreases employees turnover

Turnovers suck. All those time and money that went to training employees suddenly go out of the window. To counter this, companies would give perks that invites their employees to feel more relaxed and committed at work. Like those caring bosses are likely to provide ping-pong tables, free movie tickets, pizza and drinks for employee’s birthday celebrations, and others. However, letting their pets sleep in their cubicle once in a while, as they work would be a huge bonus to keep employees happy and motivated.

It bolsters company image

Social media is all about positivity. This is why posts of beaches, foods, and pets gets all the likes while ramblings about life's drama gets ignored. If you want your company to be viewed in a less aggressive and more positive light or just in need of that burst of feel good social media attention, holding a Take Your Dog to Work Day is a smash way to do it.

Your business will be among other Forward-Thinking Companies

Every year more powerful companies worldwide support and join the Take Your Dog to Work Day, and we have to mention that they are some of the most massive in America. These include Etsy, Mars Petcare, Amazon, Zynga, Ben & Jerry’s, and Google Corporation. The last of even included it in their Code of Conduct, proudly stating that they are a "dog company." Goggle, Mars Petcare, and Ben & Jerry's even allow pets in the office all year round. Come to think of it, if it really is the worst idea ever, why do these multi-billion companies are allowing it?

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