How Facebook Helped Raise Funds To Help Animals

The dawn of Facebook has surely changed the way people communicate and express themselves online. For some people, social media is just a way to show the world what you are up to, where you have traveled, share your experiences and more. But social media has now become a very powerful tool in helping people. By sharing a public post and letting your friends know about something important, this single post could potentially reach millions of people. Animal advocates from different groups and associations have used Facebook in providing awareness as well as asking for help.

Save A Dog From Death Penalty

Millions of cats and dogs every year in the United States are sent to animal shelters, and very few people adopt them. So what happens to these animals? Sadly but the truth, shelter dogs are put to death every single day. Thankfully though, some of the lucky ones get a second chance and are adopted with the help of social media, most especially Facebook.

One story that touched our hearts and literally brought tears to our eyes was of a shelter dog named Chelsea. Chelsea was a resident at The San Bernardino Shelter in California. Shelters like this in California put up a list of animals that will be euthanized. They select these animals which are deemed to be unlikely to be adopted. Some of these animals are those that are too shy or afraid of people. They looked scared and remain passive which would not make them lovable and attractive to possible adopters. The animal shelter advocates and volunteers have suspected that Chelsea may have been a victim of abuse from her former owner.

Chelsea is a one-year-old pit bull and you could just see the sadness in her eyes. She looked so depressed like all hope has abandoned her. A photo of her circulated on Facebook, which was uploaded by a good Samaritan with the caption: “Not a great picture? Imagine how she feels ;( Pit Bull scared out of her mind here, this breaks my heart, she’s a really sweet dog, who does this?” The photo was of Chelsea on the corner with her back to the camera. She refused to turn around and just sulks there.

Chelsea’s euthanized date was set on February 13, just a day before Valentine’s Day. A Facebook group called Save SBC Shelter Pups shared the photo hoping to get some engagement and have a chance for Chelsea to get adopted. The word about Chelsea’s ordeal spread like wildfire and within days, she was adopted. Her fate as changed and she was rescued by a good-hearted animal lover. Now, Chelsea has a second life with her owner and we are all hoping she can recover from a traumatic past.

If you are deciding to add a new member of the pack or looking for your first pet, try visiting your nearest animal shelter. Look around and you might just save a life. Say no to puppy mills, and say yes to adoption. Be a rescuer. Save a life.

Photo source: Save SBC Shelter Pups/Facebook

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