What Are The Types Of Dog Leashes

We always want the best for our pets. Pairing the right type of collar with the best dog leash is important for your comfort. There are different types of leashes based on needs and how comfortable it is in your hands. To name a few, we have indicated in this guide the variations of leashes to choose from:

Types Of Leashes

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Retractable Leash Retractable leashes have a plastic handle that has an option for you to extend and or shorten the leash as you please. This type of leash is great for a walk in the park or leash-training your pup.

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Leather Or Nylon Leash Leather or nylon leashes is one of the widely used types and it is most common. It has a loop on one end for your hand and a metal clip on the other for the dog collar. It can be paired with different kinds of dog collars, which makes this leash versatile. Their difference is with the price, as leather is more expensive than nylon. Both are washable and easy to clean and they are durable. Nylon, on the other hand, can be a bit painful to the skin as it may leave a rope-burn when you have a hyperactive dog or pup.

Chain Leash Chain leashes look flashy and beautiful. They also look expensive and may look like an added accessory for your pet. But it may not be as comfortable to the hands. Depending on the thickness of the chain leash, they may be a bit heavy for your pup or dog. Smaller dogs require thinner chains of course as it might strain their neck if it is too heavy.

Specialty Leash While we strive to find the best quality for our pets, there are those that have special features for a more unique and fun look. Some specialty leashes include reflectorized materials, LED leashes with different colors to choose from, double-dog leash and so much more.

Always bear in mind that if you are comfortable with the leash you are using, so will your dog or pup be. Choosing quality over looks is your choice, what’s important is that you and your pet can enjoy a lovely walk in the park or have uninterrupted fun at the beach. Mr. Licks leash can provide comfort and durability in fashionable colors to choose from.

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